The Band

The Tragicov family traces its roots back to three primary locales: the White Sea, the Black Sea, and that notorious region of central Romania known as Transylvania.  Whether early shamans contributed to the various Russian branches of the Tragicov Family Tree many generations ago, and whether vampiric or other supernatural forces insinuated themselves into the Romanian factions of the brood along the way, are all questions subjected to no small amount of heated debate among the Tragic Clowns’ devoted fanbase.  The three members of the band, though — siblings comprising the youngest generation of the Tragicov family — artfully refuse to comment on such matters, allowing the speculation to continue on unabated.  All three do, however, remain steadfast in their collective resistance to the constant questions as to why their brother, Mikol, who provided the drum tracks for their debut album, seems never to appear on camera even when skilled photographers are the ones filming the group or snapping their pictures…

The other three Tragicov siblings — Steven, Stacy, and Sasha — all emerged out of the short-lived but highly influential Death-Folk movement that bloomed briefly amid the Northern California music scene around the time of the millennial rollover.  This was a kaleidoscopic period of intense creativity, and the future T-Clowns were members of, or at least aided and abetted, various other celebrated Death-Folk acts as well, including such scene luminaries as Phlogiston, the Tatter Tots, Corpus Callosum, and Loops spooL.  Finally deciding to tighten their focus, and keep the music entirely in the family, the three Tragicov siblings shortened their surname, formed the Tragic Clowns, and recently put the finishing touches on their first album, “Try This At Home!”  In trying to describe the band’s sound, some of the initial reviews have invoked the Beatles (adored by all three of the T-Clowns), “London Calling”-era Clash, and several artists associated with early New Wave music, including Elvis Costello, Squeeze, and Joe Jackson.  The Tragic Clowns don’t know about all that, though — they just want to inspire, entertain, intrigue, and empower…

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Steven Tragic in his natural habitat.


As the band’s lead vocalist, Steven Tragic finds himself regarded as the public face of the Tragic Clowns. He never set out to grab that particular spotlight, but such is often the fate of lead singers, and as neither Stacy nor Sasha wants it, he’s shouldered the responsibility. As is also often the way with […]

Stacy + the SG = Love


  Prior to the formation of the Tragic Clowns, both Stacy and Steven had always served primarily as rhythm guitarists in their respective bands. Agreeing that one of them would have to step up and occupy the lead guitarist role for the T-Clowns, and also agreeing that Steven would be busy enough with handling lead […]

Sasha Tragic: fashion-fearless or fashion-blind??


The youngest of the Tragicov siblings, Sasha likes the symmetry of leaving the guitar chores to his twin siblings while he handles the bass, which is his favorite instrument. A passionate multitasker, he appreciates the way that the bass allows him to contribute to both the melody and the rhythm of a song all at […]