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We have video!!

Hey, Earth!  After a lengthy hiatus, during which all three T-Clowns went off to chase after various shiny objects, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever video!  It accompanies our tune, “Outside Troy,” and it was directed and edited by stellar film-making talent Lindsay Morrison, shot by the madly gifted Leonora Anzaldua Burke, and […]


Can humans actually make their dreams come true?  As in, can we just will something new into being…? Consider the case of one Christine Ellen Hynde.  As a young lady growing up in a smaller Midwestern US city, Christine was not the most popular child, not the happiest, not the most socially adept or generally […]

The T-Clowns at Metamorphis Studios

Let The Games Begin! Presenting The Tragic Clowns…

Greetings to you, reading this…from us, writing it. We welcome you to our little corner of the world! We here at Clowns Central – Steven, Stacy, and Sasha Tragic – aspire to entertain, provoke thought, charm, touch, teach, evoke mood, stimulate, help, heal, soothe, energize, mythologize, prophesy, actualize, transform, and harmonize…among other things… Please give […]