Steven Tragic in his natural habitat

“The places we shall take you…”

As the band’s lead vocalist, Steven Tragic finds himself regarded as the public face of the Tragic Clowns. He never set out to grab that particular spotlight, but such is often the fate of lead singers, and as neither Stacy nor Sasha wants it, he’s shouldered the responsibility.

As is also often the way with singers, Steven is the band’s primary lyricist, although Stacy contributes to every song, and Sasha even kicks in ideas on occasion. Steven would like to reassure everyone, though, that he and the other T-Clowns are nowhere near as gloomy and depressive as their lyrics might imply!

As a singer, Steven has devout admiration for such rough-voiced legends as Alice Cooper and Robert Plant, reveres the stellar harmonies of The Beatles and The Everly Brothers, and wishes he could fully emulate the earnest deliveries and mad ranges of popsters like Tommy James and Eric Carmen. As a guitarist/songwriter, he’s totally smitten with both Lennon and McCartney, the great George Harrison, Ray Davies of The Kinks, The Rolling Stones’ prodigious team of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, dear, sweet Bob Marley, John Fogerty, Paul Simon, and he thinks Jeff Lynne of ELO is one of the most underrated popular musicians of the last millennium.

Steven is also a huge devotee of the occult, and his days are filled with not only music, but also with things like Tarot, Runes, mythology, and even what notorious Aleister Crowley – the self-styled “Wickedest Man in the World” – referred to as “magick.” Basically, Steven wants to use every tool at his disposal to leave the world an even finer place than it was before he arrived in it…