The Album

After exploring their individual musical pathways apart from each other in years past, “Try This At Home!” represents the first batch of songs that the Tragicov siblings have ever written and recorded together as a cohesive unit. The songs draw on their collective love of ’70s guitar rock, ’60s psychedelia, power-pop, and glam, and also owe some debts to a few less obvious sources, such as Trip-Hop, electronica, metal, and even disco, all with a unifying emphasis on melody. And when the group realized that the lyrics they were creating for their debut collection of songs were coming out almost entirely dark, they decided to embrace that trend, choosing to view the album as a chance to perform a sort of musical exorcism on parts of their own psyches, and hopefully parts of their listeners’ psyches as well.

Part of the album’s charm lies in its accessibility. Says Sasha: “Some bands will kind of dazzle you with their chops – they’re fun because they’re playing this impossible stuff that almost nobody else can play, you know? But we’re almost trying to go in the other direction with this album. Steven and Stacy wanted to cook up a bunch of songs that any rookie musician could bang out on an acoustic guitar, like, at the beach or something, and have them still be totally recognizable. We’re hoping a vibe like that might actually help inspire more people out there to play. You can’t have too much music in the world, right…?”

“Try This At Home!”

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